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The ProTrack Power Feeder is a discreetsolution for delivering power to your track.


Solder 22AWG wires (not included) then solder to base of the rail. 

Each pack contains 10 sleepers/ties.

Compatible with both Peco code 100 and code 75 track.

HO/OO - ProTrack Power Feeder (Standard)

SKU: PFS16001

    They work brilliantly!

    average rating is 5 out of 5


    Very easy to install using solder paste as recommended in the user manual, had no issues with rails overheating at all.
    I cut most of them down and removed the feeder wire sleeper from the aligner, this worked out really well on the point joins and the R2/R3 curves that join across modules. I’ve enclosed a picture of the installed aligner on the points.
    I found your products via a YouTube video from Larry in the USA, so glad I did!

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