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Each pack includes 2 Modlues. Size 11x8mm.


Make adding LEDs to your models simple and easy with the DCC LED Resistor Module.


Connect the common Blue+ wire on your decoder to the B+ pad indicated on the module, then wire the LEDs anode to the marked pad and the cathode to the corosponding function wire on your decoder.



    User Manual    


DCC LED Resistor Module


    They work brilliantly!

    average rating is 5 out of 5


    Very easy to install using solder paste as recommended in the user manual, had no issues with rails overheating at all.
    I cut most of them down and removed the feeder wire sleeper from the aligner, this worked out really well on the point joins and the R2/R3 curves that join across modules. I’ve enclosed a picture of the installed aligner on the points.
    I found your products via a YouTube video from Larry in the USA, so glad I did!

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